Saturday, April 19, 2014

Year 2014.. Today is 19th April. I am returning for a reason.

Since last week, there's a frequent CG sites that i used to visit had been shut down in an overnight. Most peoples first responsive would be a hacker did the damage. After a couple of days, the saddest news told the world that the owner shut it down not by any cause of external attacking instead of personal reasons. Ok, back to this. I am doing this blog thing in protecting my art journey in a safety place. Since Blogspot had been stable in their business and service. I shouldn't had returning to post my artwork here as a backup.

I still posting some works in DA and FB as well. I afraid FB will face its biggest day somehow,  someday too just like any previous Social Networking site Friendsters.

Talk about art now. Two days ago, i drew a storytelling piece of concept about by having few Exeskeleton military protects human being in a narrow alley.

This image is somehow giving a push to further the production from just this piece.

Which mean i am doing a digital comic based on this piece. In the next morning, which mean today. I read from Da LuVisi, The Creator of Last Man standing aka LMS. A great influence self-taught artist with great determination in completing his personal comic since few years ago.

That's some inspiration words he said in his today's Fb status. Writing, Writing, and writing is going to constitute a better motivation in artwork.

Back to the year i quit my previous job, i was investing my effort in looking into a way or a workflow how to create story. I myself is a lazy person in reading books for solution. And mostly i will forgotten the content and probably memorized minor part of the information.

All these years, by collecting lots of great concept art, exploring into variety types of art style and watching lotsa movies not alot animations though. I still in confusion how to construct a story.

I had spent these 3 years in improving one of my biggest weakness. Human anatomy drawing. Which is the biggest fear i hate to overcome. It requires alot of hardwork and observation in achieve good looking human drawing.

Ok. Talk later.

First post in year 2014 after few years of hiatus being a blogger.
 This is closer to the final idea i am going to make a Big Come Down  for myself.. haha
From Fun sketchy turned into another painting instead.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Illustration work



This is my first time to draw fully illustration for serious. It was given like 2 months. I was warming up with a few pieces of compositing, angle, perspective to get the right mood before decide for painting.

It's stress since i don't have a proper professional working flow. Anyway, daily speed painting kinda solved my worries when painting small area.


4th was eventually done more based on description and wanted elements.

Here is the compostion which can tell the city story much obviously.

Anyway, still painting for this piece.
It's been a week since the right one had been chosen to paint.Got to get it done by this few days!

Get Serious...

May 2011

Robot pieces

This moment i tried to get rid of incident drawing and experimental too much in getting the art feel inside.

It's exhausting to keep painting and get the feel. Time wasting is a killer.

Environment is still in learning. One of the area that i concern about.
Painting with feeling is bad... sometimes.
Good failure sample is here.

This Knight was done with a relaxing mindset. Couldn't remember the exactly i spent into this. Probably not over 2 hours.

I was thinking Terms when painting this. Majestic, Mystery, King, Powerful, Coolness, Wild....

Term is useful when want to have a direction of asthetic happend in the painting.

July 2011

It's kind of a journey but i feel that keep painting is not the only way to create better pictures.

That's the moment i realized compositing is the key to make a good looking picture. And i spent more study and analysis in compositing theory for my painting.

Sometimes drawing Artsy makes me feel the joyful inside not like pursuing a high skill in painting instead of sharing my soul in the art peacefully. The Right one is a Gal holding another
gal flying to somewhere else. *Unfinished*..

Two pieces of enviroment painting.
James Paick and Paperblue are my learning stage.

Well, Not even close!!..haha..

Environment took my years to get into a better image. It's not easy. Nothing comes easy. No one say that..

Quit thinking is hard and painting for real. Mentality is so confusing when painting doesn't turn out good.

Success comes from failures.

First piece was another improved version from the bottom piece in 2nd day. The Right piece was done in an hour. 2nd day is to see what can i improve from what i had done for the first time. Less than an hour.

Sometimes it's a challenge in mentality to see how far an art can involved. Gotta chew on the word, nothing done in first few strokes or sketches. The longer devotion can get more surprises in the later.

Tonal Painting and Light painting..
Will do more experiment and practicing on this area.

This sketch done to find out a comfortability method to draw my very first comic after so many years. Reading comic is easier. To create gonna squeeze me alot of knowledge and effort to get it done. Anyway, it's a feel cool journey. It's gonna built a pavement for my future project too.
Busy brainchild... Busy.... and discipline seems fading easily.

I found out myself getting inspiration easier when i lie on my bed to sleep. So, some story plots had been draft out between 3am until 6 something in the morning. Silence keeps my brain imagine sweet material that i will keep polishing on.

Eventually, drafted out two stories before fell into deep sleep.

Some stories and experienced i studied from great persons during this few days.
Welcome the failures into our life to learn for a success.
Every success comes from failures.
Make friends with failures.
Lately came across this philosophy from two inspired artist that i know of.
Marc Forster the Director from Finding Neverland is one who like to challenge different movie style. He treats failure as a positive gear to push him into a higher ground to create his movie.
Sometimes don't plan for everything and leave 20% for it happend naturally.
World is always an unpredictable cynical place to live in.

He personally love "Stay" movie somehow it get a weak blockbuster. Sometimes the more we invest into one thing and fully dedication to wish it will get the healthy respond it should be will cause our ego take over in learning the failures chances.

Another artist is Steve Jobs. Read his Famous Stamford speech from Sinchew paper again this week. He was resigned from his CEO in Apple Company. A Man Who pursuit Perfection in his dream without obstacles.

Stay hungry Stay Foolish. Anything we learn today & yesterday, will be connected like dots in creating our dream. Nothing will be wasteful as we keep forwarding to the path that we believe in.

Two different mentality in getting their job's done. Whatever it is. Both success born from failures and keep trying.

Lastly, Inspiration flashing when we are working on it. Don't wait for inspiration to make us working.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I rest but i won't quit.

June. I quit my almost 3 years full-timer job from the company.

It's a decision to keep my learning curve grows higher into another transition stage. I had minimum stamina to study what i interested to do after work. The most after-job stuff i can still exhausted in completing is speed painting for an hour or 2 hours for MAX. Even though, turn on the video tutorial and force myself finished the video doesn't bring affection and knowledge planted into my braincell.

Reason : There is no urgency for the knowledge for the current being. You study something due to it is useful knowledge but it is not a must-have knowledge at the moment. The more you try to squeeze-in the more you forgotten about it. It's a time wasting idiotic assignment. It leads nothing in the end. A knowledge learnt must be take into Action to understand its power. An interesting project will make me the neccessary in watching more video tutorial for one motive behind these time consuming stages.

Low-morale or self-doubt? It doesn't means a thing cause all these questions lead to the same answer everytimes after a moment of Pauseability. -- I feel better in doing stuff that acknowledge me the idea in life creation. Doesn't care is by doing 2D or 3D stuff. But due to time constraint and speedy up the idea out of my vision. Drawing is the best tool to sketch out stuff before it fade away or even worse lazy to jot down as memory notes. It's the efficiency and low-cost production tool ever. Never worry bout getting a cutting edge to speed up rendering or multi-processing workloads to fasten up the product. Ideas came and flow quickly than you can eventually complete at once in a 3d working environment.

Every single things will connected each others for one strong reason when its the moment it arrive for such meaningful intention. So, leave it now. Things will come back as welcome & pleasure when you needed it someday. Forcible will just grows hatred and annoyed.

Always stick to the progress that comfort our delivering ideas & concepts is what the artist keep moving on and focusing at the meaning in doing Art.

3D is a great tool for one in a production teamwork. A great experience in improving the importance of lighting setup & details for audience recognition of the subjects or any single objects. The major lesson i learnt in texturing. Details is the key to clearly present an object.

My painting always got the flaw in complete as a silhouette instead of a understandable object. A little decent details is what it lack of, a necessary one.

More stuff to carry on these days instead of just plainly improving skills in painting.

Business study, life assurance, motivational, financial in-grown... Money Money is the rolling gear to keep everything move forward without depressive.

Anyway, it's a journey must step on once a while we had been landing at the same spot for such a long while. Life should be constantly welcome a new challenge else it's a lifeless robot with the repetitive feeding braincell... Comfort zone is the worst enemies to the human being.

Planning for own career is a brave act and most people not going to do it. It shows weakness from yourself and it attracts criticsm & tease from the surrounding. Not many could success in pursue their dream. Life is not all bout the final point of successful sometimes. You don't get success doesn't mean it's a failure in a total loss.

Consider it as part of the journey on a rainbow bridge to the end of your life. You wouldn't want to step on a black/white bridge to get into the end of the bridge, right?!

Now, i gotta survive and live for my own. Mentality grows efficiency in this way instead of someone showing me the lesson of life in their absolutely Right perceptions. Learn it your own way and make changes to see the glimpse of light in further and feel the shine on you. Stay there and dwells back what were left behind just sorrow and unfortunate stories. Happy memories stay and live only partly but the portion are the one which make oneself appreciate the Life is not a sour at all.

It's another life for one to each other.

Step on.

and just take a break whenever the clock needle tickling at the same position for too long.
Even the clock battery will gone in one day that you wouldn't expect.

Recharge & resurrection from the checkpoint!

I Rest but I won't quit.

Black Blood, 1hour++ PSD.

p/s: Watched Eden Lake again yesterday, the impact and anxious in this movie never ceased to impress me. Black Blood means Hell is around the corner..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 July 2011 - Keep Alive

Since last post was June 2009, i am coming back for the sketching routines once again. Gotta foster the right mindset and serious attitude in drawing as an artist.

Luckily to revive the password for this long-gone blogspot that i rarely maintained since the last visit.

That's all for tonight.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One wisdom word from Jason Manley

first, you are not trapped in your situation. You can get out of any situation you want if you are willing to take the pain of doing all the things you dont want to do..the long hard way. The fruitful way.

At seventeen I was homeless and orphaned, taking care of my fourteen year old brother who I somehow managed to keep in school. I had dropped out of school. I did two years of wasting time eventually trying to get my head on straight. At nineteen I was homeless again. Scraped together enough money to get my ass to arizona to study art. Got a temp apt to get me through to the end of the month and took a job at subway (applied all over til I found something). The subway job paid enough money to sometimes eat and pay my small studio rental. I went back to school to get my graduation and was working full time (thought I needed to graduate from HS to get into a good college). Trust was fucking painful. I transferred to a community college the following year and slowly got better and better jobs. Worked telemarketing fundraising to afford a 1977 datsun and art supplies. Shittiest job ever but paid double what subway did. Worked three jobs during the summer to get caught up including going to alaska to work the salmon docks across the country. I did not give a shit what it was, if it paid for my goals to be met and didnt involve anything illegal, I did it.

As time went on I realized I needed to arrange my priorities again. I took a night time job so I could exhaust all my energies in my art and studies. Eventually got a job at AT&T...Att this is Jason how may I help you?...I was still far behind those who had life handed to them their whole life. However, I was catching up. In time I realized it was not a chase against others but to only my own race to my goals. Kept the nose down. Chose friends who worked on art or learning always. Ignored the time wasting folk who never will amount to anything other than regular. Grew up around enough of those to realize the difference. After three and a half years I took my first art job and quit my shit job...have lived with and from art ever since.

By the time I was 29 I had achieved every goal I had reached for when I first set out. That is when I realized it was time to set new goals...each time this happens it feels like starting over...get something done..start time your life becomes what you want it to be. Even those of money have to do this if their life involves learning, skill, and growth. It is not money that holds people just their own mind.

The hard part about certain situations is not everyone is told they can do and reach their goals if they just work their ass off starting RIGHT NOW. Some know it and wont work for whatever reason. They listen to that voice that says I want to chill and watch tv or i dont feel like it. Others have addictions or mental issues keeping them from growing and learning. I didnt want to be any of that. I wanted to do cool have an interesting life...and to work in a creative way.

Hard manual labor growing up taught me that my mind would rot if I chose that kind of path. I wanted something to use my mind. Bored if not...and with boredom comes making trouble or distraction. Gotta turn that into work choice. Carl Dobsky was telling me this about the atelier every day. It has to be just uncomfortable enough to make the coolest thing to do be art. If there is a blaring tv or anything else, than there are other options. Options that keep one from not working to reach their goals.

Complacency is the womb of mediocrity. You clearly are not complacent. So do something about it in every free second of your day. All this wandering around doing not a whole lot but thinking isn't getting you much done. It is however, giving you a taste of life many others would never have the guts to explore. Just dont stay down there too long without coming up for air.

Good luck,